Round Robin Project with Ring Shear Testers

Shear cell types M (900 ml) and XS-Mr (30 ml) used for round robin

Several companies and institutions in Europe and the USA participated in a round robin test with our ring shear testers RST-XS (30 ml shear cell volume, see image) and RST-01.pc (900 ml shear cell volume, see image) in 2008. For the measurement, the limestone powder CRM-116 certified by the BCR (European Community Bureau of Reference) was used, for which measurement results with the Jenike shear tester are available. Samples of this material were produced in the 1980s and could be acquired together with measurement results.

For the measurements, specifications similar to the earlier measurements with the Jenike shear tester were applied (see box "Test guidelines"). The results have been summarized in a report and also published (see box "Results..."). You can use this information to perform measurements yourself at the appropriate stresses and compare your results with the results of the round robin test.

Test guidelines

RoundRobinProject_en_001.pdf (last update on February 27, 2008)

Control Files for Ring Shear Testers:
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Normal stress for preshear 3 kPa: rr3.ctf
Normal stress for preshear 6 kPa: rr6.ctf
Normal stress for preshear 9 kPa: rr9.ctf
Normal stress for preshear 15 kPa: rr15.ctf

Results of the Round Robin


D. Schulze: Round Robin Test on Ring Shear Testers, Advanced Powder Technology 22 (2011) 2, pp. 197–202

D. Schulze: Ringversuch mit Ringschergeräten, Schüttgut 16 (2010) 3, pp. 146–153

Final Report

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RoundRobinProject_Results_en_001.pdf (March 16, 2009)

RoundRobinProject_Results_dt_001.pdf (March 16, 2009)